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The objectives of the VaJaHa Foundation are to incorporate Social Welfare by building capacities of socially excluded communities like dalits and tribals by formulating and strengthening Community Based Organisations(CBOs).


Our Campaigns

Social Welfare

Don’t Waste Food Campaign

Education & Training Facility

Protection Of Environment

To identify & strengthen local leaders & promote them into Panchayat Raj Institutions

To help & support people affected due to various developmental projects like dams,wildlifw sanctuaries, etc in their proper rehabilitation & in minimising the trauma they suffer during their displacement Process.

To carryout all types of developmental programs & undertake all types of initiatives & interventions in area of hunger & food security, gender equality, agriculture,slum development, renewable energy resources

To act as a Consultant in respect of any institution or individual on hunger & food security, gender equality, health & nutrition, slum development, income & livelihood creation & support.

Medical Aid

We at our ngo conducted medical camps for the slum areas and for those who are not able to arrange funds for medical expenses. In  Association with PREM Foundation we have started the service named “Life OnWheels”

Hunger Aid

At our organisation we had supplied food to the needy people during the pandemic situation in India.

To conduct “Don’t waste food campaign” in the India to avoid wastage of food .


We help adolescents & youth in deciding right educational and career path through various personality development & career guidance outreach activities.


Social Welfare

To promote peaceful means of conflict resolutions & to help & support the people affected due to various developmental projects, in their proper rehabilitation & in minimizing trauma they suffer during their displacement process .

To support & advocate struggle f socially excluded communities.

Environment Protection

To work as a liaison between government & the common people by helping government in propagating & promoting various social legislations like WildLife Act,Forest Rights Act,etc.
To conduct research & document culture, biodiversity conservation of local or indigenous group.

Human-Animal Conflict

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